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can you make this pcvr compatible plz. just bought this without seeing that it was quest only

Just bought the game, have a question.

Most of the pickups in the first room (envy) seem to be hanging by the grip instead of properly gripped. I found some red key and cannot seem  to be able to grip it as a key. I assume this is neeeded to action the key properly.

Is there any way to grip this "properly" or this is the way it's intended to be?

Good day all the grips are physical grips. So when gripped they still intertract with environment. Some things in the game gripable but not needed for the puzle solving. Some of them there to confuse you. Some are not :)


Are you planning  release the game on app lab?

And if yes,  will i get a app lab key    if i buy the game now on ?

Best regards


We are thinking about that ;) we will keep you informed. if you will buy the game on itch we will provide you the keys to every release of fear within. 

Best regards,

FW team

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I like this game. It has some good puzzles (easy/medium difficulty) and some nice jumpscares. I also like the references to Edgar Allen Poe, HP Lovecraft and other horror story writers of the past. the sound is also very atmospheric. This game also supports teleport movement (using the thumbstick)